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Reiki Energy Healing  * Shamanic Reiki Healing* Oracle Intuitive * Mindfulness Facilitator * Well-Being Ambassador * Sanctuary Creatrix 
Under The Same Moon- A World of Wisdom Lunar Ceremony
Feb 27, 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM PST
Under The Same Moon by World of Wisdom
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About Jenny Bee

After receiving a bachelors degree in Philosophy I went on to spend over 14 years in the corporate business world while also spending much of my personal time exploring the world. Then in 2009 I experienced the first in a series of kundalini awakenings that eventually led to deeper and deeper connection with Spirit Source Energy. That same year I was inspired to co-found a heart based intentional artist community that eventually grew to have over 300 members worldwide.

At the same time, my consciousness studies continued as I apprenticed with various mentors and dived into various consciousness expanding modalities. Years of spiritual seeking, growth, training, and personal transformative experiences in many different modalities led me to meditation, intention setting practices, and Reiki.  After years of having a regular meditation practice I began to feel a curious warm pleasurable buzzing in my hands as I sat in contemplation. It was only an interesting side effect at first, but then a chance encounter led me to discover a book that changed my course. It featured a picture of glowing hands and introduced me to the concept of hands-on healing. Having already experienced the richness of energy work and healing I became fascinated with the simple, powerful, yet gentle technique that is Reiki.

Combining my years in the corporate world with the transformative power of mindfulness practices, I began to create custom programs for businesses looking to uplevel the creativity and wellness of the business and their employees. In addition, the Divine Goddess came alive within me through a series of deepening mystical activations and continues to light my fire with increasing juiciness! It's my honor and pleasure to aid evolving Goddesses activate their fire and rise up!

In 2018 I continued to deepen my connection to Source by working with shamans in Africa and Colombia, receiving downloads, activations, and rituals of purification. In 2019 through 2021 I continued my apprenticeship with a sacrament of Light and Andean Shamanism and have entered a phase of dedication and devotion to the Beloved in service to the Highest Good of all beings. 


I'm so grateful to have arrived at this moment to be able to share these gifts with you. 


As a certified Reiki Master, Oracle Intuitive, Student of the Divine, Activated Feminine Creatrix, Mindfulness Facilitator, and Wellbeing Ambassador I combine a number of healing modalities into my workshops and private sessions, including Reiki, crystal bowls, crystals, Oracle readings, guided meditation, mindfulness practices, and ceremony. You can choose to visit with me at my home sanctuary, schedule an Intuitive Reiki Healing long distance session anywhere worldwide, or if you're in the Los Angeles area I can come to you and provide healing, activations, or clearing in the comfort of your own home.

Sending blessings of love and light! 


“Jenny’s healing hands radiate energy that is golden and light.  It comes from a place of deep understanding of the human condition that allows her to channel source in a special way.  Her chakra alignment speeds up the process of cleansing, an experience that can be challenging, with Jenny feels gentle. "

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